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"Go, therefore, and make disciples of ALL nations..." Matthew 28:18-20

Missionaries Across the Globe

Brick Kiln Christian Slaves

Evangelists Rohail & Sharaz

We partner with Evangelists Rohail and Sharaz in Faisalabad, Pakistan to support Evangelism among those who don't know Jesus, as well as support over 100 Christians who are indentured slaves at a Brick making facility with food, clothing, bibles, and regular Discipleship. The children of the enslaved parents are not allowed to go to traditional school and must work with their parents. We do all we can to buy the freedom for those who are in need the most. Contact us by email if you feel led to help purchase the freedom of an enslaved family.

Feeding & Clothing Orphans in Kenya

Pastor Hezekia Mbare

We partner with Pastor Hezekia to help with Physical needs of the Orphans and widows he disciples in Kitale, Kenya.  Needs range from shoes and uniforms required to attend school, to supplying needed nutrition when it is lacking. We aim to empower them by giving them the tools needed to live a successful life.  This year, we helped them to buy a 3-acre field and plant a Maize crop on it. The orphans and widows under the FFMC umbrella learned how to cultivate, plant, tend, and harvest their own food, empowering them with useful life skills. This will be an ongoing and yearly project for FFMC Kenya.

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Donate to Specific Missions Projects

You can choose to donate all or part of any amount.  Any little bit helps! Thanks you!
Audio Bibles in Pakistan

Help to provide bibles written in the Urdu language for believers in Pakistan that have no other access to the Word of God


Food for Brick Kiln Slaves

Brick Kiln Christians in Faisalabad, Pakistan are only able to afford 1 meager meal per day.  Help to provide extra food to feed these families (Children are forced to work with their parents) that were forced into indentured servitude.


Food & Clothing for Kenyan Orphans / Maize Field Support

Kenyan Children cannot attend School without shoes or the mandatory school uniform.  Help to provide needed supplies, as well as needed nutrition, to Kenyan children that have nothing.  We also directly fund their 3-acre Maize farm and provide a living wage for widows and teenage orphans to work the field, the crops of which will directly feed over 100 Christian orphans & Widows.


Help Buy a 5-acre Field to plant Maize & Bean for Ugandan Christians     

We aim to empower Ugandan Christians  who support children and orphans by giving them the food and discipleship needed to live a Kingdom life.  We are currently helping them to buy a 5-acre field to plant Maize & Beans. The orphans will learn how to cultivate, plant, tend, and harvest their own food, empowering them with useful life skills. ($500 is total cost for a 5-acre field. ANY AMOUNT HELPS!


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